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Toit vs Azure Sphere

Microsoft Azure Sphere provides traditional IoT development capabilities on specific ARM-based dev kits, while Toit offers a modern development environment that lets you run several memory-isolated apps in parallel on ESP32-based devices.

With easy onboarding, fleet management capabilities and built-in data pipeline, Toit lets you build a fully functional POC within a week.

  • Robustness

    Toit lets you run several memory isolated apps in parallel. With traditional systems like Microsoft Azure Sphere, all functionality directly access the same memory.

  • High-level language

    Use a modern high-level language with stack traces and garbage collection to write apps and access peripherals. With Toit, any developer can write IoT applications.

  • Built-in data pipeline

    With Toit, data transfer happens in the background, independent from data measurements. The Toit firmware includes all you need to securely transfer your data to the cloud, without having to build your own scheduler.

  • Transparent pricing

    At Toit, you pay based only on how many devices are serviced through our cloud. You can use our console or build your own to check your device fleet’s health, we do not add extra fees for licensing, access to a fleet management dashboard, additional users, or support.

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