Continuous firmware delivery

Continuously update the code on your microcontrollers even over cellular connections. Monitor and securely service your devices in production; all through the Toit API.

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Modular applications for embedded devices

Fast and safe

Write your applications in our high-level, memory-safe language and let our battery-optimized virtual machine execute them efficiently on your microcontrollers. Fast to develop, safe to run.

Robust sandboxing

Your applications run isolated from the system and each other on the devices.

Secure communications

You communicate with our cloud through a simple API, we take care of the rest.

Risk-free code deployment

No matter which bug slips into your code, the worst it can do is crash that one application. The system, as well as all your other applications, keeps running as if nothing had happened. This makes changing and deploying new code risk-free.

Treat firmware and drivers as you treat software. Set up a continuous delivery pipeline and deploy new device code on every commit.

Monitor and service your devices in production

Get full visibility into your device fleet with logs covering connectivity, code execution, and crash reports. Trace the bug, fix it and redeploy, all within minutes.

Assign your devices into groups and deploy updates on a group by group basis.

All communication is end-to-end encrypted using modern public-key cryptography. The same technology that keeps the internet secure keeps your devices and data safe.

Built for software developers

If you have ever tried to write code for microcontrollers you know that it’s not a nice experience. You code in C, and a simple code change takes minutes to re-deploy.

Toit gives you a modern, memory-safe language with state-of-the-art editor integration (most of us use Visual Studio Code) that includes syntax highlighting, goto-definitions, and auto completions among other things.

Equally important, deploying code to your device takes just a second with no need to flash the device, and not minutes like you normally see for microcontrollers.

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Do everything with our API

We don’t want to lock you into using our console. Or store your data on our cloud. It’s your data, so you should get to store it wherever you want. Long story short: Everything you can do with the Toit platform, you can do through our powerful API.

Deploy code, access logs, update firmware, collect data from your devices. Use the data in your own system, share it with your customers. We just handle your microcontrollers.

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