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High-level language

Toit applications are written in the Toit language.

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Why create a new language?

Existing languages that can be used on microcontrollers are not very good. C has great performance but it's hard to learn, risky to use and even simple functionality takes a long time to build. MicroPython is easy to write but performance is so poor that it’s hardly usable. Oh, and it doesn’t really work like Python.

Toit language is a high-level language that’s made to have a syntax very close to Python. As it’s built from first principles for microcontrollers, it’s at least 20x faster than MicroPython. We’ve also built a slick IDE integration.

Virtual machine

Your code runs as one or more applications inside the Toit virtual machine. The virtual machine creates a sandboxed environment for your code, so the worst that can happen from a bug is your application crashing. The system keeps running and so do your other applications.

Over-the-air updates

Updating your devices over the air is as easy on the Toit platform as it is to deploy new code to a web app, even on slow and shaky connections. The system even keeps running through the update.

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