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We are building the software platform for IoT

Microcontrollers are everywhere

They sit inside most modern industrial applications and home appliances. A modern car has more than 30, and over 30 billion are sold each year. They cost just a few dollars or less, are the size of a fingernail, and can run for years on batteries.

The current climate

In the last 5 years, microcontrollers have rapidly improved. Previously, they could only run a single predefined calculation, now they are powerful enough to process images or run neural networks. They are also getting connected to the internet with new cheap and low-powered WiFi and cellular technologies.

Nonetheless, until now, software development for microcontrollers has been stuck in the stone age. Updating software on a microcontroller is risky and hard and a single bug anywhere in your code could break your entire device. Because of that, software on microcontrollers is kept at a minimum and all code is written before shipping the device, never to be touched again.

What's changed?

With our platform, developers can easily build applications while our platform ensures that the device keeps functioning no matter what. This is unleashing the creativity of software developers building with microcontrollers, letting them create groundbreaking products that touch the physical world.

Toit was founded in 2018 by the team of developers that built V8 for Chrome at Google. We work remotely or from our office in Aarhus, Denmark. We are backed by Creandum, one of Europe’s leading early-stage venture capital firms.

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