High-level code and containers on the ESP32

Secure the code on your ESP32 microcontrollers with lightweight containers running on top of our robust open source technology.

Built by the engineers behind the high-performance virtual machines that power Google Chrome and Flutter.

Serviceability for your devices

Toit comes with robust support for continuously updating the code on your ESP32 microcontrollers even over cellular connections. Devices can be serviced remotely and their firmware, services, and configurations can be maintained over time.

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Connectivity and peripherals

Toit supports the ESP32’s built-in WiFi, but we also support the most common external communications modules. Many of our users connect to the cloud via cellular modems using NB-IoT or LTE-M.

We let you control any peripheral you plug into your ESP32 through the GPIO pins. You can connect using the I2C, SPI, I2S or UART protocols.

Our package manager gives you access to drivers for many commonly used peripherals like sensors and motors, and if you’re missing one, our engineering team is ready to help you write it.

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Synap IoT

Modular applications for embedded devices

Fast and safe

Our platform is built on the free and open source Toit language, so you write your applications in a high-level, memory-safe language and let the battery-optimized virtual machine execute them efficiently on your ESP32s. Fast to develop, safe to run.

Sandboxed containers

Your applications run isolated from the system, and each other, on the devices.

Secure communications

Send your data to your cloud using HTTPS, MQTT, or CoAP.

Control your data

You own your data and you get to store it wherever you want. You feed data from your devices directly into your own cloud using HTTPS, MQTT, or CoAP, and the data never passes other servers. It is as simple as that.

Deploy code, access logs, update firmware, and install applications on your devices. Let your data flow to your own cloud, share it with your customers. We just handle your microcontrollers.

Risk-free code deployment

No matter which bug slips into your code, the worst it can do is crash that one application. The system, as well as all your other applications, keeps running as if nothing had happened. This makes changing and deploying new code risk-free.

Treat firmware and drivers as you treat software. Set up a continuous delivery pipeline and deploy new device code on every commit.

Built for software developers

If you have ever tried to write code for microcontrollers you know that it’s not a nice experience. You code in C, and a simple code change takes minutes to re-deploy.

Toit is a free and open source object-oriented language designed specifically for IoT

Toit language code sample

Toit is a modern, memory-safe language. It includes state of the art editor integration including syntax highlighting, goto-definitions, and auto completions.

Deploying code on your device takes just a second, with no need to flash the device, not minutes like you normally see for microcontrollers.

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