Supported hardware

ESP32 micro­controllers

Toit runs on the ESP32 chip from Espressif. We chose the ESP32 because it offers the best price / performance out of all the microcontrollers out there. For $2 or less you get 520 KB RAM, built-in WiFi and 34 pins for peripherals that you can use in any way you want.

You can buy them here.


Toit supports any peripheral you plug into your ESP32 through the GPIO pins, such as Bosch BME280 and Sensirion SHT4x environment sensors, and step and servo motors.

You can connect using hardware accelerated I2C, SPI, PWM or UART protocols.

Collection of motors

Out-of-the-box drivers

The Toit ecosystem comes with ready-to-use drivers for many of the commonly used peripherals, including GSM modules, sensors and actuators. They can be accessed directly from Toit using our package manager.

And don’t worry if the driver for your favorite sensor is not available yet, it's really easy to write your own in the Toit language.

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