Fleet orchestration

Our fleet orchestration gives you both a clear overview and detailed information about the health of your device fleet.

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You choose when to install or update applications and our orchestration engine intelligently schedules the activity, even for devices that are often offline.

Dealing with lots of devices and need to treat them differently? You can group your devices and deploy code or configuration updates on a group by group level.

Secure communication

All communication between the device and the cloud is end-to-end encrypted using modern public-key encryption. Each device has its own cryptographically secure identity, so you know exactly where all collected data stems from.

Fully programmable

Our APIs are designed to give you full programmatic control of your devices and to make it easy to ingest collected data into your own backend. After all, IoT is all about data - your data!

Our customers have access to the same APIs that we use internally. This means that everything you can do with the Toit platform, you can do with our gRPC-based APIs.

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  • getDevice
  • configureDevice
  • lookupDevices
  • listDevices
  • listJobs
  • installJob
  • createApiKey
  • rebootDevice
  • lookupDevice
  • setPassword
  • getOrganization
  • listUsers
  • createUser

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