IoT software platform for the ESP32

Modern programming platform on embedded devices. Code your ESP32 microcontrollers with the Toit firmware.

Free forever on 10 devices

Over the Air updates for your microcontrollers

Risk free OTA code updates of your ESP32-based devices with the Toit firmware. Full serviceability of your device fleet in production with our API.

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Flexible connectivity

Use the WiFi built into the ESP32, or use an external GSM module. LTE-M and NB-IoT are both popular with our customers.

Connect any peripheral you want with the GPIO pins. Toit supports UART, I2C, I2S and SPI.

Find the drivers you need with our package manager. If you find one missing, let us know, and we are ready to help you code it.

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IoT Catalyst

High-level software platform for embedded devices

Open source programming language

Toit is built on the Toit programming language, a fast-growing open source language built for IoT. Toit language is a memory-safe, high-level coding language that executes your code in a virtual machine optimized for power consumption. Our customers run an ESP32 for years on 2 AA batteries.

Isolated software applications

The system is isolated from your code, and your applications are isolated from each other.

Built-in security

All communication is end-to-end encrypted. Finally a secure IoT platform.

Send your data to your cloud

Use HTTPS or MQTT to send your data directly from your devices to your own system, or use our built-in Pub/Sub. Deploy code, update firmware and monitor your devices. We take care of your ESP32 microcontrollers.

Deploy code with no risk

Bugs in embedded software development used to be catastrophic. With Toit, a bug in your code will only crash that one application. The system and your other applications keep running. Change and deploy new code with no risk.

Toit makes embedded development like software development. Integrate your device into your continuous delivery pipeline and deploy new code every week instead of every year.

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Full serviceability for your fleet

Toit gives you a full overview of your production devices. A bug results in a stack trace that lets you fix it and redeploy in minutes.

Group your devices and update all the devices in a group in one go.

Communication to and from the device is end-to-end encrypted. Sleep well at night knowing that your devices and your data are safe.

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Modern software platform

Writing code for microcontrollers is not nice. You need to code in C, and deploying a simple code update takes several minutes.

Toit is an open source programming language designed for embedded devices

Toit is a high-level object-oriented programming language built for IoT. It has full editor integration with auto completion, syntax highlighting and more.

It takes only one second to deploy code to your ESP32. It all happens over the air, and you don’t need to flash your device. No more waiting minutes like you’re used to for embedded development.

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API first

Our API lets you do everything you need. Download data from your devices, check the health of your microcontrollers, deploy new software, and view logs.

Our API works with any programming language and is easy to integrate into your product.

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Get access to our software development platform and start building your IoT solution on the ESP32.

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